Audio Production & Engineering

Below are some samples of my audio production, audio engineering, and voiceover acting work.

Tools used include: Adobe Audition, Pro Tools, Sony Sound Forge, GarageBand, Audacity, Compressor, Sorenson Squeeze, and Adobe Media Encoder.

Motion Graphics & Audio Reel

Video & Audio Reel

Google G Suite Training Narrated Video Lessons

I worked as audio producer, audio engineer, and voiceover actor on hundreds of interactive training lessons within Google G Suite (see example below), used by more than 10,000,000 learners worldwide.

Gmail Add or Remove Category Tabs G Suite Training Lesson

Navex Global eLearning Audio/Video Lessons

I acted as audio producer and engineer on the news anchor training clips within the courseware videos below for Navex Global, used by over 25,000,000 learners and serving 75% of Fortune 100 companies.

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Workplace Training Video

Workplace Harassment Workplace Training Video

International Workplace Harassment Training Video

Other Projects

In the projects below I worked as audio producer, engineer, and voiceover actor.

Pinball Parade

Mac 2001: A Workspace Oddity

Vivid Vinyl