“Linda is the absolute queen of localization, video production, and content management! For years she was an integral part of our team at Google, managing hundreds of interactive and video lessons, updating them, working through QA and localization pushes.” — Kevin Campbell, G Suite Training Program Manager, Google

I managed localization, globalization, and internationalization assignments for more than 7 years at Google and Navex Global, where I was directly involved in each project from inception to completion.

Languages included: Arabic, Castilian Spanish, German, French, French Canadian, Latin American Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, and Norwegian.

The videos below showcase a sampling of my Google work.

I also have 4 years of experience directing and recording foreign language-speaking voiceover actors, and editing, optimizing, and implementing the localized audio into courses and videos.

Other areas of my work included the localization, globalization, and internationalization of videos, still and motion graphics, photographs, and text.

Google G Suite Training Calendar Lesson: Creating Appointment Slots – Traditional Chinese Version

Google G Suite Training Calendar Lesson: Creating Reminders – French Version

Google G Suite Training Admin Lesson: Introduction to Admin – Portuguese Version

Google G Suite Training Drive Lesson: Team Drives – German Version

Google G Suite Training Sheets Lesson: Versioning – Spanish Version

Google G Suite Training Gmail Lesson: Add or Remove Category Tabs – Japanese Version