Software Multimedia Production


The images and videos below exemplify my Google G Suite Training production editing work, where I produced and de-bugged rich in-app interactive training lessons within G Suite, used by more than 10,000,000 learners worldwide.

I also produced and edited alternative video versions of lessons, localized lessons into multiple languages, and saved the company revenue by consistently improving processes, while working remotely with a global team.

G Suite Training Gmail Lesson: Add or Remove Category Tabs − English Version

G Suite Training Gmail Lesson: Add or Remove Category Tabs − Japanese Version

Navex Global

The work samples below are from Navex Global, where I worked as a lead developer during the production of award-winning employment law and compliance training courseware used by over 25 million learners and serving 75% of Fortune 100 companies.

produced, localized, and de-bugged lessons, produced and edited videos, audio, and graphics, wrote copy for lessons, performed copy editing and proofreading, and was directly involved with all aspects of product development from script submission through final release.

Workplace Training Lesson − International Workplace Harassment

Workplace Training Lesson − Workplace Harassment I

Workplace Training Lesson − Diversity & Inclusion

Workplace Training Lesson − Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Vitesse Learning

Neuro Island Training Course

Anatomy & Physiology Training Course

Pharmacology Training course

Design Media

Design Media Training Course