Video Production and Editing

Design Media Marketing Reel

For the marketing reel below I edited the video clips together, sourced the stock audio track, timed the clips with the audio, optimized and compressed the final file and managed the files on the server.

Google G Suite Training videos

The videos below exemplify the G Suite Training video production and editing work I performed at Google, where I produced rich, interactive video training lessons for use within G Suite used by more than 10,000,000 learners worldwide.

I also localized the videos into multiple languages, and saved the company revenue by consistently improving processes, while working remotely with a remote global team.

Tools used include: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition, Adobe Media Encoder and Camtasia.

Navex Global eLearning Videos

I worked as assistant director, video editor, audio editor, graphics specialist, photo editor and multimedia developer on the training clips shown in the videos below for Navex Global, where I produced new lines of award-winning employment law and compliance training courseware used by over 25,000,000 learners and serving 75% of Fortune 100 companies.

Tools used include: Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Media Encoder, Adobe Photoshop, Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Final Cut Server, Avid Pro Tools, Chroma Key, Compressor and Green Screen.